Ecstasy Of Tragedy

Ghosts. We are all ghosts roaming a fading universe. Surrounded by destruction and eternal nostalgia. We shouldn’t love. Shouldn’t lie. Cry. Our tragedies and memories will never be revealed to others. Trapped in a conscious unhallowed. Together we may live, but to the stars we travel alone. Incognito. Under the influence of false compassion. Misanthropy […]

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Revelations Absent (4:01 AM)

Feelings of exultation. Why do we trust in the rhythm of our heartbeats? Shall it implode, it was nice to meet you. Please pause while I write my desires for you on these overwrought walls. The space where I held you close has become forebode of warmth. A shadow of dense emotions. I’m so tired of […]

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Malum in se

The oblivion veins of disparity. Glacial as a jejune sigh from the mouth of a sadist. In equal temperament to the death rattle of fallen priests. Those that never aspire, never become the ghosts with which we measure inequities. Ashes lifted from absconded dreams. Emptiness scavenged from those that contravene our memories. Salvation reigns upon […]

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