“Tragedy Springs Vol. 1” enters self-publishing Phase 1!

With the impending New Year mere weeks away, I’ve begun the process of self-publishing Vol. 1 of Tragedy Springs and Other Collected Works. The “fun” from organizing and collating a book is satiating the desire to complete the project and deliver the completion of my work in physical form. The delivery of the book will be simple, economical, and convenient: Limited […]

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Here I Lay

I occasionally emerge from the coldness of these ruins, to suckle the bitter, gelid air. As a reminder of the abasement I’ve bestowed upon  the rest of this abrasive existence. These frozen rocks I rearrange to encompass the entity of auras. So many times I’ve been at the edge of catharsis. Engaging with my eyes. […]

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Vagrant Siesta

A dalliance blooms and then decays. Rupturing under scrutiny and profane. Breaths held tight and shallow through the misty darkness of a sour reality. Flesh left ravaged and broken so that the ghosts can suckle at the degradation. An attempt at an exodus only brings a blinding, burning void content to consume you. The beacon […]

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God’s Lonely Man…

It’s scary to be alive. In the most sincere sense; being alive is a commanding struggle. A struggle of days, hours, minutes, seconds…etc. With that complexity comes a mixed bag of the unknown. We want to know. We seek answers, try in vain to fulfill our desires (no matter how inane or asinine), attempt to […]

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An Undeveloped Existence

My lips lay cold forevermore. A threnody of our imminent decay. A flash of brilliance. Unseen to the world but remembered via the world’s passionate kisses, amorous embraces, decadent stares of piercing irises and flashing smiles. Although my arms remain filled, the weight of an undeveloped existence brings a filching of the warmth and comfort […]

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