A collection of dark, apocalyptic poems ranging from self-inflicting anguish to man-eating dark lords.
This collection is a very special collection; full of esoteric, bleak, always visceral locutions reminiscent of (pre- & post-)apocalyptic scripts. And although much shorter than my first collection of dour tribulations, Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works, it nevertheless carries with it the same fusion of hopelessness and chaos with an almost absurd futuristic charm.


Written between the years 1999-2013, these fragments of dour and molested tribulations are doorways into a damaged psyche. These lyrical, often polarized romanticized pieces coexist and intertwined within to paint a portrait of bleeding, forsaken, broken eulogies set amongst an apocalyptic backdrop with shades of everyday tragedies.
Contained herein are the vestiges of an innocence shattered. Written between the years 1999-2016, these works of dour and molested tribulations are doorways into a damaged psyche—and although damaged, able to rehabilitate and progress into advanced levels of sentience. Some are serene and set forward a romantic involving; most are laconic and bleed for empathy. Rarely does a collection of poetry capture the moments securely interred beyond the veil of a depressive darkness while flirting within the confines of the linguistic baroque. Its endeavors such as these that are the true purveyors of life. Where these poetic fragments forever lay host to the all too real impetuous and violent acts ushered in from pen and onto paper instead of through a blade and into the obituaries.



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